Test Your Chinese Using This Quiz

I haven’t found a good online test to simulate the official TOCFL Chinese test. So here is a version I made.

  • It will up your level if you get three correct answers in a row.
  • You’ll go down a level if you select three wrong answers.
  • Time limit per question.
  • DO NOT look up any words.
  • Can choose simplified or traditional Chinese.

Test here.

About The Test

A lot of the questions were generated with prompts like this:

  • 幫我寫一個高級的句子,然後下面寫四項選擇,問哪一個成語最適合的
  • 幫我寫一個高級的短文閱讀,很正式,然後下面寫多項選擇

I also took my experience from taking the TOCFL test to make the questions as similar as possible.

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