Using Radicale with Gnome Calendar

After reading this post on getting Radicale working on Gnome CalDav and CardDav. I just wanted to make my own post to show how it’s done in nginx. Here is the code below:

Why I Regret Switching from Jekyll to Middleman for My Blog

Around five years ago, I made the decision to migrate my blog from Jekyll to Middleman due to my belief that Jekyll was too limiting. Middleman offered the flexibility to utilize any Ruby gems without the need to deal with liquid tags. However, as time passed, I discovered that my choice had its drawbacks, and I now realize that Jekyll was a more suitable platform for my blogging needs.

Pick Random Item Based on Probability

I was working on my game recently and realized my random item code doesn’t randomly select items the correct way.

Quickest Way to Incorporate in Ontario

Most people think to incorporate federally and provincially it requires a lawyer and tons of paperwork. I recently incorporated my business provincially and it is actually quite easy, you do not need a lawyer, or spend much money.

Creating Chinese Study Decks

I recently been getting back into studying Chinese and been looking into ways to learn more effectively. The first thing I did was think about what small piece of Chinese do I want to be better at? There are too many aspects and had to focus in.