Quickest Way to Incorporate in Ontario

Most people think to incorporate federally and provincially it requires a lawyer and tons of paperwork. I recently incorporated my business provincially and it is actually quite easy, you do not need a lawyer, or spend much money.

Creating Chinese Study Decks

I recently been getting back into studying Chinese and been looking into ways to learn more effectively. The first thing I did was think about what small piece of Chinese do I want to be better at? There are too many aspects and had to focus in.

Generating Better Random Numbers

My current game – Riflestorm – has lots of procedurally generated levels, enemies, events and so on. Even a lot of the gameplay is random as well. This week I just wanted to share some tricks for generating more effective random numbers.

Image Magick Tricks

Image Magick is a command line tool for manipulating images. It let’s you do so many cool things to images but for the purpose of game dev, I use it to quickly clean up images. It’s a shame it’s not more widely used.

My Game Dev Process

Let’s dive into my game development process. I’ve been developing games for a long time but after about 2 years of careful refining, I think I’ve come up with a solid dev process. If you follow this guide, you’ll make better games and waste less time.