Unit Manager Code Snippet

Just about every strategy game needs a way to manage all the units on the field. Like all the enemy units, all of the player’s units and even neutral entities.

Recommended Game Dev Reading

I’ve read quite a lot of books on software development, art, entrepreneurship and the like – full list is here. So I wanted to make a short list of the best books I would recommend to any game developer. Note: This is in no particular order.

Healthbar Code Snippet

Just about every game has some sort of health bar, magic bar or a stamina range with a minimum / maximum value. So I wanted to share how I code up these types of stat ranges in all my games.

Unity Plugins I Use

Here are most of the Unity plugins / C# code I’m using for Riflestorm.

Tools I Use

I been working on Riflestorm solo for over a year now, along the way I’ve found some great tools so I thought I’ll share them.