Unity Plugins I Use

Here are most of the Unity plugins / C# code I’m using for Riflestorm.

Tools I Use

I been working on Riflestorm solo for over a year now, along the way I’ve found some great tools so I thought I’ll share them.

Switched to Middleman

Since the beginning of this blogs existence I been using Jekyll, and I decided to fully switch over. After using Middleman for both Throw the Project, I found Middleman to be better for a few good reasons:

Chain Design Pattern

When I first started making Flash games years ago, I found myself facing the same problem in every game and could not find a solution online.

Creating a RPG Database in Unity

When creating a role-playing game you’ll quickly be faced with the daunting problem of storing possibly hundreds of items, spells, abilities, classes, npcs and other data about the game.