Installing Diablo III on Ubuntu

on install

Decided to try out Diablo III yesterday. I downloaded Diablo III and installed it in less than 30 mins, it was quite easy and actually spent most of the time waiting for it to download.

What You Will Need

As always I highly recommend Playonlinux, it creates a virtual drive for each game. This lets you configure wine specifically for one game and not affect the others.

First install Playonlinux and then run it.

posts/installing-diablo-iii-on-ubuntu/2.jpg Run Playonlinux and select Install a program

posts/installing-diablo-iii-on-ubuntu/3.jpg Select games, then search for Diablo III and install it

posts/installing-diablo-iii-on-ubuntu/4.jpg Select use setup file in my computer

posts/installing-diablo-iii-on-ubuntu/5.jpg Select the exe you downloaded from Blizzard

posts/installing-diablo-iii-on-ubuntu/6.jpg Somethings will be downloaded automatically, just wait

posts/installing-diablo-iii-on-ubuntu/7.jpg You'll eventually see this open up, select the language

posts/installing-diablo-iii-on-ubuntu/8.jpg Continue through the windows

posts/installing-diablo-iii-on-ubuntu/9.jpg Log into Blizzard

Note: I had trouble selecting the region. I ended up clicking on it, then using the keyboard arrows to select North America.

posts/installing-diablo-iii-on-ubuntu/10.jpg Keep going through the windows

posts/installing-diablo-iii-on-ubuntu/11.jpg Once Diablo finishes downloading, exit it

posts/installing-diablo-iii-on-ubuntu/12.jpg You might see this window, select the amount of ram your graphics card has

posts/installing-diablo-iii-on-ubuntu/13.jpg I saw these funky graphics when I booted up Diablo 3

posts/installing-diablo-iii-on-ubuntu/14.jpg Go into, game menu -> options, and uncheck Anti-Aliasing

posts/installing-diablo-iii-on-ubuntu/15.jpg Now play!