Favorite Hub Aliases For Git

Hub is a command line tool that extends git with Github specific commands, and also some other git enhancements but this post is just about the Github aspect. I originally thought it was not useful but I gave it a try and after a few months, it’s now part of my everyday tool kit.

Why I Stopped Using Linux

For over 5 years I have been using Ubuntu as my main desktop and for the last 6 months Elementary OS. Today I have given up hope on the desktop Linux and have reluctantly switched to OSX.

Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2016

12 Minutes

RTS Unit Selection in Unity

Unity RTS Game Architecture

I have created many games over the years – mostly small Flash games. And I feel that I have finally constructed a robust game architure which should be the basis of every game. This is inspired by the MVC pattern but with some modifications – a game isn’t a user interface but instead revolves around a game loop.