Disabling Second Monitor for Wine Games

I been playing Starcraft 2 on Linux lately on Wine. The issue is I have two monitors and the game does not keep the cursor bound to one monitor while playing.

I combed the internet for a solution, one solution was to disable the second monitor and then re-enable it afterwards. This worked –or I thought so– until I tried to re-enable the monitor, surprise, I could not enable it again.

I’m using Elementary OS– although awesome – it has some annoying bugs, like I can’t re-enable disabled monitors.

I just could not do it, I would click the enable button, however nothing happened. I did discover the OS key + P fixed the issue but it was not the prefered solution.

Just Mirror The Monitors

I decided to just disable the second monitor and turn it off. Much easier and no having to deal with random bugs. If anyone has a better solution please let me know.

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