Make Better Error Messages

The other day I was trying to install mongodb on my Ubuntu computer. I followed the instructions, ran the sudo apt-get install command. Everything went smoothly, but then I tried to boot it up and was confronted with this nasty error.

Do Not Volunteer

Proper Git Rebasing

Rebasing is an other way of merging in changes from an other branch into your own. It’s similar to git merge but the big difference is it keeps a clean history between commits by avoiding the useless merge commits.

Remapping Caps Lock in Ubuntu

Mastering Git Log

I have been using git for a number of years now and have accumulated some awesome git aliases. In this blog post I want to share some of my favourite git log aliases. The log command is probably my most used command, it lets me view the latest changes, compare changes between branches, view just fetches changes and examine changes other team members made.